Who is Franklin Hu?

Vital Statistics:

Age: Born 1963
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 150 lbs
Status: Divorced 2012 

To see what I do for a living, click on my resume. Why, you've probably seen some of my work. You know the mouse test button in Windows 3.1 - I invented that!

Franklin's resume

Here I am standing in front of my RV - The Ultimate Behemoth. I'm a road trip warrior.

Here's one of the cool places I've taken my RV to. This fall is located in the Columbia River Gorge between Washington and Oregon

Can I cook or what! My specialties include BBQ chicken and spareribs. For desert, I make homemade apple pie and ice cream.

Here I am, doing my comedy standup routine as seen at the Comedy Underground in Seattle. I'm killing the audience with my single guy routine. Watch out Jerry Seinfield!

Here I am at the Spam carving contest in Seattle. I am holding my entry "O.J. on the Spam" which was a Spam Bronco with three Spam police cars in pursuit. It got an honorable mention and the local newspapers mentioned it. My other community contest entry was the milk carton derby. I created a milk carton boat - O.J. on the Moooooooove. Which was also a Bronco being chased by a fleet of quart sized police cars. During the race, I came in dead last - but it was supposed to be a slow speed pursuit!

The kiddies love playing computer with their uncle Franklin. Here I am with my nephew. We like playing Wolfenstein 3-D and Doom. Scarrrrry games!!!

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