Resume for Franklin Hu

Franklin T. Hu


Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology               Cambridge, MA

Received B.S. in Computer Science, June 1986.  Familiar with  VisualBASIC, PASCAL,  C, Visual 
C++, MFC, Borland ObjectWindows, Active X Internet SDK. Areas of special interest include 
cognitive psychology and natural language processing and understanding. Wrote a thesis defining a 
new lexically based approach to language processing. U.S. Patent 5,297,040 was awarded for this 
language processing technique.


Concur Technologies						Redmond, WA
Software Engineer						11/97-Current

Developed software as a service (SAS) concept for expense reporting when the internet was still in 
the dial up stage. Adapted software to run as a hosted service. Developed self service administration
and configuration tools that allowed clients to onboard without expensive consultation. Developed 
payment systems and pioneered EFT bank transfers for direct employee reimbursement. Continuous 
upgrading allowed system to grow to over 3000 companies and countless users in a very scalable manner. 

Microsoft Corporation						Redmond, WA
Contract programmer						9/96-11/97

Responsible for developing internet dialing program. Also responsible for developing tools that allow 
Internet Service Providers create customized dialing packages.

Integra Technology Solution Center				Seattle, WA
Contract programmer						5/96 - 8/96

Developed Campus Connect Software for the Microsoft/Zenith Campus Z-Station. This software 
allowed users to click on a web site link and have the software package automatically download and 
completely set itself up on the user’s computer. This involved using the Active X Internet SDK to 
establish FTP file transfer connections and creating a robust scripting language to automate the 
installation process. Also wrote prototype screen savers using sound, animation, AVI playback and 
retrieving live data from the internet.

Compuserve/Spry Internet Division				Seattle, WA
Contract programmer						4/95 -  2/96

Responsible for localizing Spry’s internet applications including the Mosaic browser, newsgroup 
reader, email, gopher, image viewer, ftp and dialer. The work involved removing hard coded 
strings/programming/debugging/testing to make the applications ready for translation by third party 
translation companies. The work was done in Visual C++. This project required intensive 
management of outside translation companies and coordinating internal development efforts.

Intuit								Menlo Park, CA
Contract programmer						3/95 - 6/95

Created an OLE 2 interface for an expense reporting module to export its data to Excel and print the 
results.  This involved working with the OLE 2 automation interface and Microsoft Visual C++.  
Initial working code was delivered in only two weeks. See specific Visual C++ experience below.
Intellect Systems						Renton, WA
President							4/91- Current

Developed WinProof, an advanced grammar checking program for the shareware market. The 
program has received many positive reviews from the press. This project included all aspects of 
software development and marketing including proposal writing and patent applications. A version 
of WinProof that works inside of Microsoft Word 6.0 has also been developed.  This involved 
extensive experience in building Windows applications and DLLs in Borland’s ObjectWindows 
environment. Also developed the Seattle PictureBox Screen Saver for the retail market.

Software Publishing Corporation   					Santa Clara, CA
Contract programmer  							12/89-4/91

Developed release 2.3 of Harvard Graphics in six months.  Was responsible for Excel chart import, 
designing new file format/documentation, data interchange between drawing  program,  LaserJet III 
driver integration, shell for launching other programs. Coordinated and managed the efforts between 
SPC and 3rd party developer of drawing tools. Developed file converter for Harvard Graphics 4.0 
for backwards compatibility with 2.3.

Mosaic Software Incorporated  					Cambridge, MA
Software Engineer /Windows Project Manager				11/87 - 12/89

Designed and developed TWIN, a 1-2-3 compatible spreadsheet. Was responsible for writing 
advanced features such as 3D spreadsheets. Managed a development team of four persons that 
ported the spreadsheet to Microsoft Windows. Also helped develop one of the first Helvetica fonts 
for the PC.

Data General Corporation 						Westborough, MA
Systems Programmer  							6/86 - 11/87

Developed window manager software for Data Generals high performance graphics workstations. 
Played a substantial role in the redesign and implementation of the user interface. Also developed 
Microsoft Windows applications for DG personal computers.

Microsoft Corporation 						Redmond, WA
Systems Programmer/Quality Management Engineer  (summer intern)  	6/84-9/84 & 6/85-9/85

Worked on developing desktop applications for Microsoft Windows.  These included the calculator, 
control panel, puzzle, notepad, etc. Designed features such as the double-click test button in the 
control panel that still exist in Windows 3.1.

Retail Product Experience Summary:

I have extensive experience in developing products for the retail market in both large companies 
like Microsoft and smaller companies like Mosaic Software. I have worked in teams of 2 to 20 and 
have always worked well within the team. By working with major companies, I have learned what is 
expected of retail-level products. I believe in keeping my manager well informed of my progress to 
keep projects on track and I almost always meet or beat any estimates of development time. A list 
of retail products I have been involved with include:

Campus Connect for Microsoft/Zenith Campus Z-Station
Spry/Compuserve Internet-in-a-Box, Internet Office, Compuserve WinCIM 2.0
Harvard Graphics 2.3
Microsoft Windows 1.0
Intuit Expense Reports
Twin Classic/Level 3, Diamond, Integrated 7 (Mosaic 1-2-3  compatible spreadsheet)
WinProof, PC-Proof (Intellect Systems grammar/spell checker for Windows/DOS)
Seattle PictureBox Screen Saver
Knoware (educational product)
Graphical operating system for DG Workstations

General background

As the president of my own company, I have had to experience all phases of product development 
and marketing. I have done it all from design specifications to manuals to boxes to pricing to 
advertising, etc. I also keep aware of news in the industry. I also have excellent 
communications skills including public speaking and negotiating skills. I was on the debate team in 
school and I did public demonstrations at the Pacific Science Center. Recently, I performed at the 
Comedy Underground in Seattle as part of a comedy class sponsored by Discover U. I also like to 
tinker around and fix things. I have always had a very inventive attitude. These same skills help me 
to evaluate situations and devise solutions when I am programming.