RV Adventure week 6 - April 6 to April 12

April 6, 1996 - We drove through Jacksonville, FL on our way to Atlanta, GA. It was a long rainy day of driving.

April 7, 1996 - Today we visit Atlanta - the capitol of Georgia. The capitol wasn't open since it was Easter Sunday. It is also the birthplace of Martin L. King. We visited M.L. Kings home and memorial. The Jimmy Carter Library is also in Atlanta. All of the buildings are circular and they have a very nice garden.

The capitol of Georgia, Atlanta

April 8, 1996 - Another day - another capital. Today is Montgomery - capital of Alabama. We also visit the Civil Rights Memorial which is a circular table with water running over it.

The capital of Alabama in Montgomery

April 9, 1996 - Jackson Mississippi is our next capitol. They have two capitols. They have an old one which houses the state museum and they have a new one which has one of the most ornate interiors of any of the capitols that we've seen.

Stained glass dome over the Senate, Jackson,MS

April 10, 1996 - Guess what - we didn't see a capitol today! We visited Graceland in Memphis, TN- home of Elvis Presley. We toured his mansion and saw the jungle room and his hundreds of gold records and awards. (Due to copyright restrictions, I don't have and pictures I can show - sorry)

The Pyramid - a sporting complex in Memphis, TN

April 11,1996 - Back to state capitols. This is getting quite educational. I bought a placemat showing all the states and the capitols. Today is Little Rock, the capitol of Arkansas. Their capitol has some impressive stone work with big marble staircases and stained glass window domes in the legislature. We had some problem with the RV this morning. The bolts holding the tire that got replaced had gotten loose. It seemed that the wheel was ready to fall off. So I tightenedd the bolts.

One of the paintings in the Capitol of Arkansas - Little Rock, AR

April 12, 1996 - Oaklahoma City - the capitol of Oaklahoma. Plenty of parking for our RV. What a relief from trying to find parking meters on the street. Normally we have to find 2 metered spots to pull the RV into. The unusual thing about the capitol is that it is missing the dome. The original plans called for a dome but they decided to build 3 extra floors and didn't have money for the dome. But the interior is very well done with marble and a stained glass interior dome.

Inside the capitol of Oklahoma - Okalhoma City, OK

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