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Freedom Walking Frame
Get out of your wheelchair and onto your feet!
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  Freedom Walking Frame Overview

Get out of your wheelchair and onto your feet!!!

The Freedom Walking Frame fills the gap between using a wheelchair and using a conventional walker. For patients who have some control of their legs, but not enough to safely walk on their own, the Freedom Walking Frame provides the support they need to walk without fear of falling. The frame supports the patient and partially bears their weight so they do not have to support all of their weight on their legs. It absolutely prevents the patient from falling. The idea is similar to a baby walker, except scaled up for use by adults.



Walking Frames
Walking frames can be made in a variety of sizes and materials to fit your needs whether in the home or the therapist office. The simple frame surrounds the patient and uses an overhead support to hold the patient in the upright position in a specially designed comfort harness. Four wheels at the bottom of the frame allow for very easy movement by the patient in any direction. The back of the frame is completely open which allows you to walk right into the frame.


Lifting Systems
The Freedom Walking Frame includes an ability to lift a patient and partially bear their weight. Both manual and electrically operated lifting systems are avaliable.


Comfort Harness
The key to making the Freedom Walking Frame practical is the avaliablity of a harness which is comfortable and easy to put on.

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