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Fewer therapists required per patient

The Freedom Walking Frame eliminates the need for a therapist to support a patient while they are gait training. In conventional parallel bar therapy, several therapists may be required to hold the patient and guide their legs. This is very expensive and places the therapist in danger from all of the lifting required. The Freedom Walking Frame gives the therapist the advantage by eliminating all of this dangerous lifting and they can instead concentrate on training the patient to walk.

Reduce workplace injuries

The number one cause of injuries to physical therapists occurs from lifting patients. This is very dangerous work and can harm both the therapist and the patient. This risk can be reduced by using the walking frame. The harness can be laid flat on a wheelchair and the patient only needs to sit down on it and fasten the 2 loops over their shoulder to get into the harness. From there, all of the heavy lifting into the standing position can be done by the Freedom Walking Frame.

Patients get better sooner

It has been shown in several studies that partial weight bearing training has a substantial benefit to the patient. Patients can have longer and more effective therapy sessions because they do not have to rely on their arms to hold themselves up.

Easy to use and can be sent home with the patient.

Most physical therapy equipment is very expensive, heavy, bulky, and immoble. The Freedom Walking Frame can be used in any flat floorspace such as a corridor. It isn't tied to the ceiling or take up 20 feet or weigh hundreds of pounds. Unlike parallel bars, the Freedom Walking Frame is small enough to be used in the home. Any area large enough to accomodate a dining table is large enough for useful therapy at home. It could be thought of as a mobile set of parallel bars. This is one of the few ways a therapist can have a patient continue their therapy at home which speeds recovery and improves outcomes.

Saves lots of money

By using the Freedom Walking Frame, therapists can save money by using fewer therapists per patient and by reducing workplace injuries. Patients will have better outcomes which will help improve a therapists reputation and business.

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