1995 Winnebago Rialta
If you're looking for an RV you can park at home and gets great gas mileage this is it.
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The RV has a 3000W generator. In my experience, a generator is a useless feature because it is too loud to run it in any campground, it requires monthly maintainance and you normally have electricity at a campground. It is also only really designed to run the electric cabin air conditioner. So unless you plan to camp in the desert with no connections, you probably won't use it either.
One unusual feature added by the previous owner as a steel wrap around cage for the sewer connection. Rialta owners will often break off the sewer connection by running over curbs, etc. but this feature protects you from that.
Here is a corner view showing access to spare tire in the rear, water connection and the lower compartment is for the LP gas. There is an external AC outlet.
Tires are in good shape. The previous owner had them replaced due to some kind of recall. There is also a new spare tire.
This is the rear setup as a dining table. This folds up and the seats come down to form a bed. The big window in back give you great visibility for an RV. The stand-up height of the RV is 5'9" The entryway is 6'.
The RV has a microwave and a small color TV. In the upper left you can see the knob to raise the external TV antenna. To the upper right is a storage cabinet.
Mounted on the ceiling is an air conditioning uint.
This is a view of the drivers seat. It has a Sony radio/tapedeck with removable faceplate. Fully automatic transmission. Great visiblity all around. Drives more like a big car/van than an RV. At just 21 feet, it actually fits in most standard parking spots. That's handy when you need to go shopping, but I try to find an out of the way parking space most of the time.
Behind the drivers seat are 2 large captains chairs. These fold flat to form a second bed, so that 4 people can easily sleep. If needed someone could sleep on the floor as well. There are 2 other seat belts in the rear seating area for a total passenger capacity of 6. I have taken as many as 8. Behind the seat, you can see the refigerator which works on gas, 12 volt, or AC. Above the refrigerator is the 2 burner stove and next to that is the sink. A flip up table adds counterspace.
For a tiny RV, it has all the bathroom features of the big rigs. It has onboard water/waste storage, on demand pump, hot water and even a shower. The stall you see here pulls out to create a shower stall. The sink is shown in the down position. To use the toilet, you just put it up. I have found this system to be reliable, clean and easy to use. One of the interesting things about the Rialta is that it uses the engine heat to heat up the hot water tank (6 gals). So you have hot water as soon as you reach your destination. It also use AC to heat the water. If you have kids, having your own bathroom means never needing to stop for the restroom.
Here is a closeup of the carpeting. It has always had runners on it and some of the original plastic covering is still on the carpets. For a 13 year old RV, it looks pretty new inside.
This is what the engine compartment looks like. It is a 2.5 L 5 cylinder engine. The only mechanical problem I have ever had with the RV is that the air conditioner compressor had to be replaced. I also just recently recharged the air conditioner. Other than that it has been very reliable. It took me on a trip to San Diego and back, no problem. I've gotten about 16 mpg which is terrific for an RV.
The only other thing that doesn't work is the deadbolt on the door. It got stuck once, so I just taped over the control knob so that it cannot be extended. You normally don't need it and it makes it confusing to figure out which directions the controls have to be to fully unlock the door. The normal lock is more than strong enough.
Here is what the rear bed looks like. It's dimensions are 6' 10" X 4'
This is what the front seats look like folded into a bed. The dimensions are 6'3" X 3'5"
Here is what the shower stall looks like when you have pulled it out. Pulling out a panel on the floor reveals the shower pan. A curtain attaches to the interior of the stall.
So, there you have it, the full tour of my Rialta. It is a terrific little RV. Easy to drive, easy on the gas, but has all the features of the big rigs and it is really cute on the road.