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We need a license partner

The Freedom Walking Frame is currently not for sale. It is in the advanced prototype stage and is ready for testing on patients. Due to liability concerns I (the inventor) cannot take on this risk. I am seeking a Licensee who can take on the liability, manufacturing, marketing and distribution issues associated with developing a medical device. A patent is being developed on this device and a license will be required to manufacture the Freedom Walking Frame. If you are interested or know of a company that could potentially license this invention, please let us know.

  Help support this idea with a donation

Without your support, the Freedom Walking frame may never leave the garage.

I am a small time inventor working in my garage. I am funding the development and marketing of this invention with my own dollars and time. If you think that this invention should be supported, I need your help. Please consider making a $50 donation towards developing the Freedom Walking Frame to help defray the costs of developing this invention. Clicking on the button below will allow you to use a credit card through PayPal to make your donations. Thanks!

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