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  Who can benefit?

Anyone with an impaired ability to walk can benefit

The Freedom Walking Frame has a wide range of applications which can include:

1. Use in walking rehabilitation from stroke, paralysis or other injury. Anyone who currently uses parallel bar therapy is a potential user of the Freedom Walking Frame. It provides the same benefits as parallel bars but allows the patient to concentrate on walking instead of holding themselves up.

2. Use in elderly care patients. Elderly patients often have walking impairments which make it difficult or dangerous to walk. Because of this, these patients do not get the exercise they need from walking. The walking frame prevents falls and restores the ability to walk with confidence.

3. Use in patients who are restricted to a bed or wheelchair. Patients can often be confined to a wheelchair or bed because they do not have the strength to stand on their own for any length of time. The human body is not designed to sit or be bedridden for extended periods of time and it has been shown to be beneficial to be in the upright posiition for at least part of the day. They may help to prevent serious problems like bed sores from appearing on the patient. The walking frame allows a patient to easily put themselves into an upright position and get the benifits of standing upright.

4. Use in patient transfer. Since the Freedom Walking Frame can pull a patient out of a wheelchair or bed and suspend 100% of their weight in the air, it can potentially be used to help tranfer patients from location to location without the risk normally associated with lifting a patient. It can also be used for short distance transportation such as between a bed and the toilet. The design of the harness does allow a cutout for use in toileting activities.

5. Use in weak or obsese patients for exercise. Some people are simply too heavy or weak to walk on their own. These people desparately need to get walking exercise but simply cannot do it. The Freedom Walking Frame can give them back this ability by removing enough weight off of their legs so they can walk again.

  Patient Benefits

Freedom to walk on your own

The Freedom Walking Frame gives you the freedom to walk on your own again. It is possible to pull yourself out of a wheelchair and into the standing position unassisted. The frame supports a variable amount of weight and can be adjusted to support whatever weight you can bear on your legs. It holds you up so that someone else (like a physical therapist) doesn't have to constantly hold you up and prevent you from dangerous falls.

Freedom from lifting yourself with your arms

If you are currently using parallel bars to assist in your rehabilitation, you know how tiring it is to support your weight on your arms. This severely limits how much therapy can be performed before your arms give out. The walking frame eliminates the need to hold yourself up by your arms which allows you to increase the length of therapy sessions and get you out of your wheelchair sooner. You can now concentrate on learning how to walk instead of holding yourself up.

Freedom from falling

Falls are the number one cause of injury to the elderly. If you can walk but are unsteady on your feet, the Freedom Walking Frame can give you back the confidence to walk without the fear of falling. You can perform activities like cooking while in the frame and walking provides you with tremendous exercise benefits compared to being confined to a wheelchair for safety reasons.

Freedom from being confined to a wheelchair or bed

If you are confined to a wheelchair or bed due to old age or injury, you are basically stuck there unless you have an army of assistants who are willing to move you around. If you have some ability to move around yourself, you can now get into a standing position by yourself and are free to move around without any fear of falling.

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