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The Cubic Atomic Model


A new atomic model is described which builds atoms out of alternating protons and electrons. Unlike the currently accepted planetary atomic model developed by Bohr and Rutherford, the nucleus is not a compact sphere of protons and neutrons which are surrounded by a cloud of electrons. Rather, the atoms are built up like Lego bricks into octahedral shapes. These shapes give rise to locations on the atoms for other atoms to dock and form molecules. These shapes also explain many of the observed properties of the atoms such as the observed ionization energies, spectra, fission fragments and the allowed isotopes for an atom. This model eliminates the need for the strong force and significantly simplifies our understanding of how atoms are constructed using only the electrostatic force.

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The Real God Particle


The Higgs boson has been described as the “God” particle that will explain everything about the universe according to the popular press. The reality is that the Higgs boson of the Standard Model might only help explain how only certain particles obtain mass. Instead of the heavy Higgs boson found at the LHC, another simpler particle that consists of only a joined positron and electron is considered as the candidate for the real “God” particle. This is a particle that will live up to the hype that a single particle could explain such diverse and seemingly unrelated and unexplained phenomenon such as mass, inertia and magnetism. This is a particle that will explain everything about the universe on a fundamental basis.

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Is Gravity Just the Electrostatic Force?


This a paper explores the idea that gravity is just a fairly straight forward application of the well known electrostatic force. The usual objections to an electrostatic gravity are refuted and additional evidence supporting gravity as the electrostatic force are provided. It is shown that gravity isn’t the mysterious force we think it is. Gravity is simply the electrostatic force.

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The "God" Computer


In 1990, the physicist John Archibald Wheeler suggested that every particle, every field of force, even the space-time continuum itself can be described as being derived as part of an apparatus or machine which handles binary data. This means that the entire universe could be nothing more than an elaborate digital computer – God’s computer. This paper explores the idea that it is possible to break down all of the complex physical observations we see in the world to actions which are only binary in nature. This will be done by postulating a digital space which runs with minimal rules and reproduces the behavior of empty space and positrons and electrons. From there, the rest of the particles and fields of force are derived.

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