My Ideal Television 

This web site describes the "Ideal" television.

The ideal television is an "all in one" solution that brings together the most common elements needed for an entertainment system.

This includes:

1. A television

2. A stereo receiver/surround sound speakers

3. A personal computer

4. A Blue-ray player/recorder

5. A cable/satelite box

6. A cable/DSL modem

8. A wireless router

9. A DVR recorder

10. A game console (WII/XBox/PS3)

The well equipped home entertainment system contains all of these components and along with them, a huge tangle of wires and a pile of remote controls. It takes a visit from the geek squad just to figure out how to turn on TV and switch to listen to the radio on the stereo.

The ideal TV will include all of the elements in a single device with a single remote. How is this to be done?

The backbone will be a TV bus. This will carry signals to all parts of the system. It will handle:

1. on/off power control system

2. 3 channels of HDMI audio/video

3. 3 channels of USB

4. remote control signals

4. 2 channels of SATA for hard disk/blue-ray