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Getting you out of that wheelchair

The Freedom Walking Frame can be equipped with either a manual or power winch. If a patient is able to stand on their own, they can use a manual winch to hoist themselves up. This has the advantage of being very inexpensive and doesn't require any external power source. If a patient is unable to position themselves into the frame, then they will require a power winch which can pull up the entire weight of the patient in order to get them into position. The use of the lifting system and harness is optional if the patient is able to stand and hold themselves without assistance.


Manual Winch
If a patient can get up and stand on their own, they can use a manual winch. This winch is similar to those used for pulling boats onto trailers and works very simply. To raise the harness to a comfortable level, simply rotate the crank. The ratchting action holds you up. This allows a very fine degree of adjustment and the adjustment can be done by the patients themselves. To lower yourself, you release a catch, and you can then lower yourself. It requires no external power or maintenance of any kind. However, it is not strong enough to list the entire weight of a patient from a sitting position.

Anticipated Sample Retail Price: $60


Electric Winch
For patients who cannot lift themselves up and stand on their own, the electric winch has the power to lift up to 440 pounds. This allows a patient to be easily transferred from a sitting position by pulling them out of the chair and into the standing position. It has a power up/down control button and locks the position of the harness automatically. It requires a 120 volt AC power source. The system can be made completely portable with the addtion of an optional 500W portable AC power supply.

Anticipated Sample Retail Price: $299

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