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The key is comfort

The Freedom Walking Frame solves the very difficult problem of comfortably supporting the weight of a patient. The unique harness design eliminates the pressure in the sensitive crotch by only using 2 leg loops. The loops distribute the patient's weight like a bicycle seat onto the inner thigh and rear bones.


Freedom Comfort Harness

OUCH!!! - If that's the first thing you think of when thinking of suspending yourself by your crotch, then think again. Indeed, an improperly designed harness can be extremely uncomfortable by placing weight upon the sensitive crotch area. But this problem has been completely solved with the Freedom Comfort Harness. It is modeled after a large baby jumper harness but it actually puts no weight at all on your crotch. Two automotive style seat belts form the core of the harness. These loop between your legs and place most of the pressure on your inner thigh and your rear. This arrangement is similar to what you would experience when riding a bicycle. You can suspend your entire weight for extended periods of time in complete comfort. (However, you should never use the Freedom Walking Frame to support all of your weight, only the minimum amount needed to allow you to stand safely upright). The loops of the harness also force you into an upright position which prevents you from getting into any situation where you might tip the walking frame over.

The harness should only be worn by people who have normal sensations in the crotch area since it is still possible to incorrectly position the loops. It also shouldn't be used by anyone with any kind of unhealed injury to the hip area.

Anticipated Sample Retail Price: $149

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