My Sunglo Greenhouse Adventure
This page describes my adventures with installing a Sunglo greenhouse from Costco. To make the greenhouse taller, it was installed over a 2 foot pony wall made up of cinderblocks.
First, had to dig out and level the hillside and install a retaining wall.

I transported the 108 cinder blocks by carrying them up from the driveway.
Next, came digging the foundation, pouring gravel and concrete.
Here, we have finished installing the 2 foot high cinderblock wall and filled it with a cubic yard of gravel.
After spending the day setting the bottom rails, the second day was spend putting up the walls.
Here is the completed greenhouse. The black covering is a shade cloth to keep the greenhouse cool.
Here is the finished product. The lower benches were built out of 2x4's and closet shelving.